New year, trendier you – three ways to wear the FLEX jumper

We’re kicking off this new year with three inspired ways to style our latest jumper range – FLEX!

  1. Naughty 90s: To master this look, you will need a boyfriend or baggy jeans with a fresh pair of crisp white trainers. If you want to make this look quirky, take it to the next level with denim dungarees! 
  2. High Fashuun: Pair the Flex jumper with faux leather trousers, ankle boots and an oversized jacket – you can add even more glam with a choker and rings of your choice. For the men- slim-cut trousers with shiny black loafers for the kill!
  3. Everyday Vibe: If the first two ways don’t tickle your fancy, this one definitely will. Keep things simple with a pair of jeans and trainers of your choice.

Extra tip - These looks can also be used to style our other jumpers too!

Let us know if these styles work for you! Post your ootd on insta and tag us so we can see your take on these looks! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with.


Written by Bambo (@sincerelybambo)

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